I have some double great news to report!

First my fabulous friend and kick-ass musician, the handsome and fierce Melissa Ferrick, has signed on to Team Protagonist as our producer (if you don’t know her work, check her out www.melissaferrick.com)! So, this baby is going to have at least one seriously attentive ear attuned to its production process.

In related news, I’m having another kind of baby (of the babbly dirty-diaper variety) in a few weeks (!!) so recording with MF will begin sometime soon after that arrival! I’ll continue to keep you updated as we plunge forward with the project. 

Thanks for all of your support on Protagonist so far!

Also, we’re currently booking for the Fall (October– National Coming Out Month!) so you can contact our booking folks at: booking@alixolson.com and for college/university bookings, ‘cc’ Felicia Gustan at: info@speakoutnow.org

Or you can just say hi to me at: alixolson@yahoo.com

For now, sending lots of love and solidarity out your way. Alix