• Media Quotes about Alix Olson

    • “A slam poet and activist, she can go from raging to adorable in the space of a couplet.”The Anchorage Press, January 26, 2006
    • “Hot Picks!” ‘Alix Olson serves it up for the masses’Anchorage Daily News, February 3, 2006
    • “Olson uses her witty and sympathetic voice to highlight a grassroots struggle against intolerance that is as entertaining as it is poignant.”New York Times, All Movie Guide
    • “We are very priviliged to be hosting Alix Olson (in Ireland), such a significant figure in the queer movement.”GNC, Ireland’s National Gay Newspaper, July, 2006
    • “Films like LEFT LANE are forms of activism as well as entertainment; they complement and celebrate the gay rights movement, highlighting current injustices, reminding us of what has yet to be done.”GNC, Ireland’s National Gay Newspaper, July, 2006
    • “Known for her strong commitment to social justice as well as her confrontational and confident performance style, Olson has recently joined the ranks of spoken word superstardom.”The Valley Advocate “Pick of the Week: Balls to the Wall,” July 27, 2006
    • Unapologetic Wordsmith: Carrying the torch of relentless progress into the black wilderness of human prejudice, Alix Olson’s spoken-word poetry is nothing short of an artistic and social revelation. Her illusion shattering, poetic hammer: impassioned delivery, potent ideas, and undeniable logic, command attention and praise. Desiree Nall, The Creative Advocate, Fall-Winter 2004
    • “Alix Olson is an activist with a heart of gold. She is fighting the good fight with humor, rhythm and oh yeah, anger. I believe Alix Olson to be among the hopeful angry voices that will help educate the masses.”Gaydar Magazine (Spring, 2005)
    • “Olson is a mesmerizing firebrand, a joyful dyke-feminist preacher. And although her words themselves are adroit, it’s her passionate delivery that makes them brilliant.”TimeOut New York (Issue 505, June 2, 2005)
    • “This critically acclaimed poet will challenge everything you thought you knew. Itís a little like taking the red pill in the Matrix.”The Source, Bend, Oregon May 18 2005
    • “Olson delivers the most bang for your buck, sticking it to the bigots, the politicians, the misogynists, and the corporate criminals with constantly evolving glee. Her work has become slightly more somber and reflective as she enters her late 20’s, and the mixture of her early and later slams fuses her political time capsule into a complete scene-stealing whole.”Just Out, Portland, OR. May 6, 2005
    • “Poet Alix Olson taes on everything from Walmart to the current administration to this society’s trouble with armpit hair. Critically-acclaimed Olson has twice-headlined the HBO show Def Poetry Jam and tours the nation challenging the status quo with thoughtful, passionate lyrics. We suggest you take a break from yourself and spend an evening contemplating what the hell’s going on out there. Olson will lead you down the road.”
      Critics Picks: “Alix Olson,” The Source Weekly (Vol. 9, Issue 19, May 19, 2005) Bend, Oregon
    • “Alix Olson can best be described as a modern-day wandering minstrel, traveling the country and spreading her message along with a sprinkling of magic dust.”The Edge Boston, March 9, 2005
    • “…cast from the same mold as Patti Smith and Jim Carroll”The Boston Globe, March 10, 2005
    • “Alix Olson embodies the poet… she advocates social justice, and possesses the ambition and intelligence to make herself a large presence in an often apathetic society… Her voice has become a saving grace for many, and she’s heading our way to captivate more.”Encore, Wilmington, NC, October 27, 2004
    • “The ‘road-poet-on-a-mission’ rev(s) up our motors and bring us to our feet. Alix Olson empowers her audiences with her quick wit and her powerful voice that carries her message of peace and politics”Beth Maples-Bays, Out and About, Chattanooga, TN, Oct 17, 2004
    • “At Stockholm Pride this summer Alix Olson proved that spoken word can be more rock’n’roll than rock’n’roll. Whether tender or loaded with fierce political criticism she performed her poems with that rare kind of intensity that sort of makes you forget to breathe. And yeah, she sure charmed the pants and skirts off the audience.”Stina NygÂrds, Stockholm Pride, Organizer
    • “Alix Olson defies the most flagrant categorizations, but if you had to place her on the long and windy cultural road whe would be located somewhere between the wrath of punk and the joy of good works… She keeps this up and we’ll have to settle for seeing her at the Civic. But for now, witness the firebrand talent at one of the better, smaller venues in town.”Good Times, Santa Cruz, May 20, 2004
    • “Poet Alix Olson is equally adroit at the personal, the political, and the downright hysterical.”East Bay Express, May 25, 2004
    • “Olson maintains (a) mellow manner while spitting spectacularly provocative prose that might make even the most fervent free-love advocate blush.. a passionate performer, Olson entertains and engages even when she’s simply making small talk from the stage..”Andrew Miller (The Pitch) Kansas City, Missouri, April 14, 2004
    • “Olson’s incendiary, rhythmic treatise on political accountability, “Pirates,” is sure to win her devotees.”Out Magazine
    • “I just wish more people would hear it…The music matches the word perfectly. Dynamic, emotional, and raw.”Collected Sounds
    • “…sweet and charming to a fiery feminist rant..these are socially aware poems that can sit next to Allen Ginsberg… she delivers it with superlative style and vigor.”Woman Rock Magazine
    • “brutal honesty and independent mentality…never compromised.. Independence Meal seems to be the best dish on the menu”Venus Magazine
    • “Slam superstar Alix Olson gives voice to the voiceless”Mountain Xpress, “Smart Bets”, April 20, 2004, Asheville, NC
    • “… priceless poetry”Lesbian News
    • “Today, we have the fierce revolutionary poetry of June Jordan, Alice Walker, and Marge Piercy–all activists as well as poets. And the slam poetry of Alix Olson.”Howard Zinn, “The Progressive”
    • “A slam poetry luminary”Syracuse New Times
    • “Anti-war, anti-gender oppression and anti-intolerance, folk poet and spoken-word artist Alix Olson really isn’t the negative type. She’s the patriarchy’s worst nightmare- a loudmouthed spitfire with a wicked wit and an elegant way with zinging the powers that be.”The Washington Post: Express, November 25, 2003
    • “Olson can deal with many incarnations of power and resistance in the scope of a single poem, wrestling with them in a flawless flow of words that somehow weaves truth out of frustration”Gambit Weekly, New Orleans, Louisiana
    • “One of America’s most articulate and politically active lesbian and women’s rights activists…”Dayton City Paper, Dayton, OH
    • “Outspoken, passionate, and a whip-smart wordsmith”Bumbershoot Arts Festival (Seattle, WA)
    • “…there are a lot of Dykes to Watch Out For, but few are as accomplished as Alix Olson”Las Vegas City Life, “City Picks”
    • Alix Olson needs only one word to describe her performance – brilliant! Everyone stayed in their seats from beginning to end – she was spell binding – many who attended felt it was one of the best programs they have ever seen – students really had an experience they will never forget. Alix Olson should be booked by all schools. Her performance opens the mind, expands the mind and stimulates the mind to think on all the issues young people face today in their lives!Stephen R. McKiernan, Director of Student Programming, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
    • Olson is an electrifying performer, who seduces her audience with wit and energy.The Progressive
    • An advocate for grassroots truthUtne Magazine
    • She will make you laugh your head off and then cry your eyes out in the space of five minutes.Seattle Times
    • Alix is the current queer It Girl. She’s tough, but down to earth and her rhymes are infectious…she has power, presence, and is wicked foxy. A must-see.Philadelphia City Paper 3/20/03
    • Alix is a vital feminist voice and a true spoken word powerhouse. She is a clear alternative to a polluted mainstream.Sarah Jones
    • Alix Olson is a riffing sparkplug of tremendous political, social, and sensual magnitudeCatie Curtis, Singer/songwriter
    • Alix brought me to my feet. She is an ingenious poet, a brilliant performer, a funny person and serious thinker. She is, quite simply, extraordinaryHoward Zinn, Author of “The People’s History of the United States”
    • Alix Olson is the living embodiment of a wake-up call for this generation… powerful, poignant, fearless, and unflinching in its outspokenness, a much needed dose of medicine for the soulPamela Means, Singer/songwriter
    • Alix Olson bridges the gaps between generations of feministsPatricia Ireland, President; Now
    • Alix Olson is a red-hot, fire-bellied, feminismo-spewin’ volcano. Listen to her now!Alison Bechdel, Cartoonist, Creator Of “dykes To Watch Out For”
    • “Alix Olson is a road poet on a mission..”Ms. Magazine
    • …Quirky and original, not to mention sharply beguiling… simple elegance and lucidity.The Gay and Lesbian Humanist
    • “Alix Olson, spoken word dyke diva, feminist punk activist… performance artist extraordinaire”LGNY, Lesbian and Gay New York Newspaper
    • “In an overpackaged world, Olson’s is a call for liberty”Daily Hampshire Gazette
    • “She is compelling because she has something to say and the wisdom not to make too much of it.”Daily Hampshire Gazette
    • “Alix’s poetry inspires audiences and challenges them to think, leaving many dizzy and breathless…keeps the audience engaged even with silence…her performance creates the atmosphere for groundbreaking, intergenerational discussion”Minnesota Women’s Press
    • “Olson’s wide, apple-cheeked grin belies the force of her words”Lavendar Magazine
    • “She tangles ropes around your consciousness… Her tones fell with a pulse that jolts inspiration and life into the dullness and sadness of a world where ‘isms reign…Alix’s words are the art of change, justice, fairness, and love.”La Salle Collegian
    • “audience.. was bursting at the seams with anticipation for slam poet Alix Olson to grace the stage”Nervy Girl: The Thinking Woman’s Magazine, winner of Utne (Pollyanne Birge)
    • “Olson uses satire and wit to charge the audience and invite them to, above all, laugh…You can’t help but love her- you feel like you’ve known her foreverNervy Girl
    • “spoken wordster prefers disruption to cynicism…this poetry packs some deft punches.”Girlfriends Magazine
    • “Onstage, Olson is transformed into a one-woman show.. the audience is immersed in the world she’s constructed”Lavendar Magazine A&E
    • “Olson put on such an engaging, dynamic performance that no one could have left unaffected by…”The Signal, Trenton State College
    • ” (Olson) has a tremendous ability to put her finger on issues, cut to the core, so right to the heart.”The Signal, Trenton State College
    • “You have to hear Alix Olson….her voice expresses rage, love, humor, seduction and more”Philadelphia Daily News
    • “..although she may be controversial and inflammatory, she is also charming and endearing”Metro Santa Cruz
    • “Olson balances politics and art, and manages to keep a sense of humor about it all”Metro Santa Cruz
    • “In the tradition of legendary poet Audre Lorde, Olson works to transform silence into action with wit and grace.”Metro Santa Cruz
    • “Kick-Ass Dyke”Out In The Mountains
    • “Onstage, Alix Olson works the mike like a weapon, launching scathing epithets against injustice, ignorance, and intolerance…Her voice rises fast and furious and then falls to a whisper, keeping the audience engaged even with silence. Sprinkled with emphatic obscenities, her poetry inspires audiences and challenges them to think, leaving many dizzy and breathless.”Minnesota Women’s Press
    • “Olson lit my mental fire, with her powerful and visionary performance. She left me in a wake of grins, wanting more. She’s outrageous. As well as funny, warm spirited, zany, VOCAL, curious, a personality with so much energy bubbling over, infecting everyone around. She’s full of charisma, she is real and she’s full of life; she’s Alix Olson.”Johnson State College paper

    Media Quotes about “Left Lane” (DVD)

    2005 “Best Documentary”
    Reel Pride Michigan
    “Editor’s Pick” &
    “DVD of the Month”
    Curve Magazine,
    August 2005, Vol. 15
    2005 “Audience Award,
    Best Feature”
    Newfest: NYC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
    2005 “Audience Award,
    Best Documentary”
    Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film+Video Fest
    • “One standout film is Left Lane.. which takes the viewer along as Olson performs in places ranging from Nebraska to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. The 29 yr. old Olson is a mesmerizing firebrand, a joyful dyke-feminist preacher.” TimeOut New York (Issue 505, June 2, 2005)
    • “(Left Lane) takes you on the road with fun, funky, and fiery Alix the Great: irresistable force… she may just infect you with optimism… Olsin is running at full velocity.”
      The Advocate, May 24, 2005
    • “Ready for a political and cultural revolution? Well, sit back and watch Left Lane: On the Road with Folk Poet Alix Olson... Left Lane shows more than just a rebel with a cause. We see the remarkable response of her audiences, fellow artist-activists, and a voice that just won’t quit. That’s quite refreshing in this age of post ’04 election apathy. With a sardonic smile and a twinkle in her eye, Olson takes her art through poetry, song, comedic skits and downright righteous anger. Pieces like “America’s On Sale” and “Pirates” echo George Carlin, Lenny Bruce and the Beat generation.. a candid look at a woman rake(ing) issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality through the coals is definitely inspiring.”Summer Issue, 2005, Velvet Park Magazine
    • “‘Left Lane” is an excellent documentary that explores many issues through the eyes of the witty and intelligent Alix Olson”
      Sean Kosofsky, Director of Policy for Triangle Foundation.

    Media Quotes about “Independence Meal” (CD)

    • “…her poetic language and rage-filled yet eminently listenable voice sparkles…powerful, universal poems about love and inner conflict…her poetry and the band behind it shine brightly.”Splendid E-Magazine
    • “Olson’s incendiary, rhythmic treatise on political accountability, ‘Pirates,’ is sure to win her devotees.”Out Magazine
    • “I just wish more people would hear it…The music matches the word perfectly. Dynamic, emotional, and raw.”Collected Sounds
    • “…sweet and charming to a fiery feminist rant…these are socially aware poems that can sit next to Allen Ginsberg…she delivers it with superlative style and vigor.”Woman Rock Magazine
    • “…brutal honesty and independent mentality…never compromised. Independence Meal seems to be the best dish on the menu.”Venus Magazine
    • “Full of fire and amazing grace.”The Advocate

    Media Quotes about “Built Like That” (CD)

    • Alix Olson should be a lesbian’s dream entertainer… Fast, witty, word-perfect and utterly original, this cd should be in every feminist’s homeJohn Frame, Queer Radio Dj, Brisbane, Australia
    • “Alix Olson is shaking up the slam scene with her new CD “Built Like That.” It’s all about being a young, proud lesbian in a world full of contradictions. Feminism lives and Olson isn’t about to couch her language to keep you comfortable. She takes on our greedy corporate leaders in “America’s On Sale,” tells a tale of empowered women in “Witches” & the dyke revolution in “Cunt Cuntry.” Alix is sizzlin’… spend some time dancin’ in her sparks at www.alixolson.com.”www.Outvoice.com
    • “Almost everything on the CD seems conceived with originality and an independently queer spirit. It is a wonderful release of queer art that serves as inspiration and even a call to battle…”Out In The Mountains
    • “Olson has something to say about just about everything, and all of it is eloquent and thought-provoking”Provincetown Banner
    • “intimate, challenging, and self-aware cd”Girlfriends Magazine


    Media Quotes by Alix Olson

    • “I feel empowered by any group of people who are working to make this world a better place, who understand that we are humanitarians with a global connectivity to champion, and not just patriots with limited border”Tangent, Orlando, FL, October 21, 2004
    • “I’m very much intrigued by how power, privilege and entitlement function in our country- where and when it starts, how it mutates and looms over our heads. It’s amazing how much capitalism pits people against each other in the drive for wealth, for beauty, for things to prove that we are important. The lack and loss of connection in our culture I find to be intimately linked to how encouraged we are to strive for everything but that. Really, though, what else matters?”Alix in Nervy Girl magazine
    • “The whole concept of laughing at P.C. language really irks me. It’s just another way to stump us, restrict us. To make us feel stupid and nerdy and question ourselves when we already do that so much already”Alix in Nervy Girl magazine
    • “There’s this cynicism in the air these days, but there’s also this really hot, potential political energy. I’m much more interested in feeding forward movement than staid disillusionment”Alix; girlfriends magazine
    • “Politics and poetry are inseparable. The purpose of my art is to get my political opinions out there. And poetry works well for me. People say that there’s a lot of space in the US media where you can express your views. But that’s not true, you don’t find any real criticism there. Spoken word has become a mouth piece for people’s opinions.”
      Alix in Dagens Nyheter (Stockholm, Sweden’s Daily Newspaper), July 28, 2004